The Truth About Life
After Eating Disorders

Essays, Articles, & Nonfiction Works
by Aimee Liu

These treatment facilities offer specialized programs for eating disorders, including men and women over age 21.
Discover the many ways others are using their voices, talents, and passions to turn suffering into creativity and hope.
Links to websites and organizations that provide information and referrals.
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How do anorexia and bulimia impact life AFTER recovery? GAINING is one of the first books about eating disorders to connect the latest scientific insights to the personal truth of life before, during, and especially after anorexia and bulimia.
"I've read countless books about eating disorders, but I've never seen one like this. Combining the professional wisdom of leading experts with personal experiences from women and men all over the globe, this book fills a gap on the recovery bookshelf. Anyone who has been touched by an eating disorder needs to read this."óJenni Schaefer, author of Life without Ed
America's first memoir of anorexia, and one of the earliest books about eating disorders, originally published in 1979

Rethink Your Ambitions
to Achieve Greater Personal
and Professional Fulfillment

From Publishers Weekly:
The authors of False Love set out to help readers "thrive as well as strive" by finding internal milestones of fulfillment. Using case studies of patients with misguided values, along with sociological research, they trace assumptions that lead us to substitute money for human worth, proposing multiple goals over narrow focus. Thought-provoking questionnaires complete most chapters, measuring such things as readers' competition quotient and obsessions.


Success as many of us know it is very illusionary and false.
July 18, 1998
MRROBINSUN@​ (North Augusta, SC USA)

This book is a wake up call for many Americans in this society. I find it very appalling to know that many of us are drastically killing ourselves over money and materialistic things. It's sad that we place this "stuff" above the human life of others as well as ourselves. Plus given the fact that ignorance breeds ignorance, it's a vicious cycle from generation to generation. Hopefully, many will capture the reality from books such as this one that our American society will rise from its slumber.